Hey Design Superstars,

I'm so excited to introduce you to Fauna, the newest collection from Emily Daws Textiles. Earlier this month, I got to sit down with Emily, a busy mom of two, to dive deeper into her inspiration and creative process behind the collection. So, I wanted to share our conversation with you. I hope all enjoy a little peek inside Emily's creative mind! 

Anderson: Emily! Your new collection, Fauna, is absolutely stunning. I love that you’re branching out in new directions in terms of your design inspiration.

Emily: Thank you, Anderson! The Fauna collection is indeed a departure from our previous coastal themes. The inspiration came from my travels and the incredible diversity of wildlife in the Highlands. I wanted to capture the essence of these creatures in a way that resonates with people across different regions. The natural beauty and intricate patterns found in animals and insects has been so wonderful to incorporate into my work!

Anderson: The collection features five distinctive patterns with a sixth to be introduced in July. Could you tell us more about these patterns and the choice of materials?

Emily: Well, each pattern in the Fauna collection has its own unique story. We have Speckled Check, Tortoise, Kaleidoscope, Americana, and Nest, each crafted on a heavy Belgian linen ground. This material choice was intentional to enhance the tactile experience, making the textiles not only visually appealing but also inviting to touch. The upcoming pattern, Nectar, is a woven fabric that will add further depth and variety to the collection. Our aim was to create designs that are sophisticated yet soothing, with a palette of earth tones that enrich living spaces.

Anderson: Kaleidoscope seems to be a standout piece in this collection. What should our designers know about the backstory on this one?

 Emily: Kaleidoscope is very special to me. It draws inspiration from the colors and patterns of butterfly wings, arranged to resemble an intricate pattern of a vintage quilt. The subtle markings are meant to represent butterfly wings, creating a sense of movement and wonder. The design process was meticulous, focusing on how to balance complexity and harmony in the patterns to evoke a feeling of tranquility and natural beauty.

Anderson: It’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how our designers incorporate Kaleidoscope into their interiors. Out of curiosity, how do you imagine the Fauna collection might be used? 

Emily: Thank you! I think the Fauna collection has a universal appeal that can resonate with any region. The patterns and textures are versatile enough to blend seamlessly into various interior styles, from rustic to contemporary. Whether it’s being used in living rooms, bedrooms, or even outdoor spaces, I think these designs will bring some serenity and a peaceful groundedness to the energy of the room. It will be so rewarding to see the ways the love I put into the Fauna collection flows into the homes of your designers’ clients, hopefully bringing them a lot of happiness for many years to come!

"Moving beyond the familiar coastal horizons of Charleston with 'Flora' was an exhilarating leap, and now Fauna continues this journey into the Highlands, exploring its wildlife with a rich tapestry of texture and color."