Virginia White Collection


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Contents: 100% Belgian Linen
Width: 55"
Repeat: H-55", V-27.1"
Usage: Window treatments, throw pillows, and light upholstery.

Description: Clea was designed by graphic artist Alexandra Palmowski. The design is inspired by the post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), whose works were often created in the primitive manner, depicting scenes of nature in a flat and graphically pared-down style. This is reflected in the forest scene of Clea, in which the trees and foliage are distinctly surreal and yet seem to co-exist happily, giving the design a magical quality. The fabric also embodies Alexandra’s signature style of 60s pop with vibrant graphic colours. The design was made for Virginia's niece Clea, who is whimsical yet energetic.

Minimum: 3 yards

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