She She



Made to order: 3-4 weeks

Contents: Grass Cloth, metallic finish
Width: 34"
Panel: Custom
Usage: Wallcovering
Repeat: Straight match

Minimum: 1 Yard

Details: In collaboration with Creativity Explored, an art studio and gallery in San Francisco serving artists with developmental disabilities, we have selected a few of our favorite artists and given their art a new chapter in the form of wallpaper. They believe that art is a human right, and we couldn't agree more. Cheryle Rutledge’s work involves a series of repeated images of hearts on matte-board and cardboard cutouts of a variety of shapes. Her process involves outlining hearts of varying size in acrylic paint to cover the picture plane and then filling them in with complementary colors.

Rutledge starts the day by drawing or painting one of her signature hearts on her hand. After selecting her color scheme, Rutledge works painstakingly on each piece for a surprisingly fanciful result. In 2009, Rutledge began incorporating whimsically drawn figures into her fields of hearts, including pill bottles, elephants, and small self-portraits, adding a new and exciting dimension to her work.

We gravitate toward Cheryle's artwork due to its warmth and honesty. Her hearts truly do make us feel warm when we look at them and we really appreciate that. We pulled icons from her existing pieces to create two all over patterns inspired by two types of love, Eros and Agape, each with their own color-way.

Application: Non-pasted. Strippable removal. Washable : Wipe with a damp cloth. Class A Fire Rated. Printed in the USA. Colors may vary slightly. 

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