She She



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Contents: Non Woven
Width: 18"
Roll size: 11 yds
Usage: Wallcovering
Repeat: H-18", V-17", half drop match

Minimum: 1 Roll

Details: In a magical 100 year old, three floor walk-up apartment bathroom, a group of birds of all shapes, colors and backgrounds hang out peacefully together everyday. They listen to each other's stories and take part in each other's traditions even though they didn't grow up celebrating the same exact things. They're open minded to these new ideas and when invited, support each other by giving these events or ways of life a try - they find that it helps them understand each other better and creates a certain harmont in th bathroom that they've worked hard to cultivate overtime. "It's such a stress-free and happy life knowing that when I respect others, there's a good chance I'll be respected too." Oh, those darn birds - they make it look so easy.

Highly durable and fade resistant, washable with mild soap and water. Strippable removal. Class A Fire-rated. Made in the USA. 

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