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Contents: Non Woven
Width: 18"
Roll size: 11 yds
Usage: Wallcovering
Repeat: H-18", V-17", half drop match

Minimum: 1 Roll

Details: "On a Pony She Named Wildfire" is based on a trip we took "up north" to Crosslake, MN. We were both fresh out of relationships; completely out of our minds attempting to move on with life as strong, independent, single ladies. Jennifer was going up to what was her cabin, one last time to move out all of her belongings. Kate came for moral support and fun. After a two and a half hour car ride full of venting and crying, we walked into the cabin to find Jenny's face covered in the pictures that hung on the wall shining light on an ideal life that never was. While at the cabin, Michael Murphey's, "Blue Sky Night Thunder" vinyl was on repeat with an occasional "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" interlude when emotions were at a high. After all, Whitney is almost always needed in times like these. "Wildfire" was played more frequently than anything else on Michael Murphey's record. It had that perfect blend of weird lyrics and emotion that we were needing that weekend.

"She comes down yellow mountain on a dark flat land she rides

On a pony she named Wildfire

With a whirlwind by her side"

This toile is created based on our experiences at the cabin, as well as what we learned about each other and ourselves while in the woods. Sure, we skinny dipped and nearly sunk the boat, but the weekend truly wasn't about being sad and moving out. It was about moving on and finding the most graceful way to start our new lives.
The weekend was about two women continually lifting each other up when we couldn't lift ourselves and feeling wholly accepted by the other regardless of what crazy statement came out of the other's mouth or what late night excursion had to be had to get through the next few moments of life. We said yes to everything and filled each other full of love. We like to look at this toile as a reminder that the worst things in life, often turn out to be the best for you, and that lifting someone up is always better than pushing someone down.

Highly durable and fade resistant, washable with mild soap and water. Strippable removal. Class A Fire-rated. Made in the USA. 

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