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Contents: 100% Sunbrella® Acrylic
Width: 54"
Repeat: H-28", V-30" 
Usage: Outdoor/Performance

Description: Shipibo takes reference from intricate ceremonial ayahuasca embroideries made by the Peruvian tribe of the same name. Their repetitive, maze-like embroidery technique is used as a form of spiritual meditation, and what results are beautifully complex geometric designs interlaced with finely detailed linework. 

Maresca's design references not only the geometry of these embroideries themselves, but also mimics the repetitive task in the making of the linoleum block. The Shipibo motif is intricately carved by hand on linoleum and stamped repeatedly to create multiple motifs that vary between dark and light based on the pressure of the hand that prints. 

The final pattern is woven using Sunbrella ® solution dyed acrylic yarns. The resulting fabric is made for use outdoors because of its water resistance and lightfastness, but is also an excellent candidate for use in more high-traffic indoor spaces that require durability and stain resistance.

Minimum: 3 yards

No CFA offered - we guarantee a close color match to your sample.

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