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Contents: 100% Cotton
Width: 55"
Repeat: n/a
Usage: Drapery, Pillows, Upholstery

Description: Toile de Cocher is a fantastic and very resistant canvas 100% cotton. This fabric has been strongly drum dyed which gives it its stone washed look. It reminds us the old fabrics used in the saddlery and the luggage manufacture, also used by the coachmen to protect themselves against the wind and the rain. We announce this fabric as not washable but it can be, as a denim canvas, if you accept a short shrinkage of 1-2% and a flow out of the colours (especially in the dark colours), each additional wash giving a marvellous and ancient patine.

Minimum: 2 yards

Design by Antoine D'Albiousse for THEO 

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